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Eye Treatments




All our treatments are longer then most compared to other salons, pls look at time frame we have listed by each service.


We offer different treatments to enhance your looks. Most popular is the Eyelash & Brow Tinting.

Eyelash Tinting ~


How is Eyelash Tinting done?

The lashes are cleansed and all residue is removed. The under part of the eyes are protected with eye pads, so the tint does not go through to dye the skin. The lashes then have the tint applied and an esthetician keeps the tint on the lashes for 12 – 15 minutes. The tint is the removed and you're ready to go. This treatment does takes up to 45 minutes, while your lashes are tiniting You are treated to a hand massage.At Namaste we like to leave the tint on longer, so the lashes are treated longer to the dye and last longer.We do it very different , we tint your lower lashes as well as your upper lashes and put a tint line on your eye line to ensure the tint stays tight to the lash line, giving the tint a longer life. While the tint is processing, we give the client a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Treatment time is 45 minutes .



Brow Tinting -

Wanting a way to make your eyes pop out, the best way to FRAME your eyes is to add shape and colour to your brows. We apply it in a layering technique so not to leave you leaving with your eye brows too dark.

$ 15.00  

I s a great what to frame your eyes and making their color and shape POP to the person looking at you !


What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting colours the eyelashes. There are many colour choices including auburn, grey, blonde, ash, and dark brown, light brown, black and blue black.


Does It Hurt?

There is not usually any discomfort, but if you are nervous, tint can seep into the eye a bit which may cause a slight stinging, and your eyes may look red for a short period of time. It all goes away in a few minutes. Perming has no side effect.

How long does it all Last?

Eyelash tinting lasts for about 5-6 weeks. The coloring slowly lightens. Eyelash Perming lasts for up to 4 months for some clients

Eyebrow Tinting ~


Treatments time is 30 minutes treatment slot, but is around 20 min tx.


This eyebrow tinting ncludes a quick tweezer shape (not a full EB waxing/ hair removal treatment )and tint.


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting 

This treatment takes up to 45-60 minutes. First we attend to your brows - a  quick tweezer shape and then tint the brows. We then carry on with the lashes and while the lashes are tinting, the Esthetician performs a hand massage.

Treatment time is 60 mnutes, where we do an eyelash & brow tint ,that includes a brow shape

$ 45.00


Eyebrow Design - 

For first timers who have never had their brows professionally shaped, or for those who have let their brows grow out in order to have them redesigned in a preferred shape. Book your appointment at Namaste where we will teach you how to shape your brows according to your face shape. 

Treatment time for Eyebrow Design is 30 minutes






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