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ELECTROLYSIS : The only Permenant Hair Removal


This process destroys the blood supply to the hair , which by using a short wave frequency, administered by a Certified Electrologist,by  inserting an ultra fine probe into each follicle and adminstering the current, the hair is then removed from the follicule. This treatment is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. This is the only method to take care of those annoying light blonde and or white course hairs. A perfect complement to laser treatments.


How does Electrolysis work ? 

The licenced Tech, inserts a sterilized disposable probe, into each hair follicule, and depending on which hair growth the hair is in determines how close the probe will reach the blood supply. It is went the current goes off, that over time will destroy the blood supply to each hair follicule, eventually killing the hair. Each stage of Hair Growth determines the depth of the follicule . The stage that does most damage is when the hairs are in the "Growing Stage", this is called "ANAGEN STAGE". The hairs in the "Resting Stage" can still see great results, seeing the hairs in this stage slows regrowth very quckly.The "Dying Stage", is the least amount of improvement one will see to the hair loss. The same way works for Laser Hair removal, with the laser following the Hair color down to the bottom of the follicule closest to the blood supply .


How often do I need to come for an appointment ?

It is recommended at the start of treatment to come every 2 weeks until the hair is is slowing down , that way the client is not tempted to pluck the hairs. By plucking or waxing this will cancel out the treatment from working .Each time a client plucks they lose one treatment the paid for. The maximum time between that a client can spread an appointments out is 3 weeks.If they do miss 3 weeks it is recommended to miss another equal time of 3 weeks so the hairs stay on the same schedule.


How long does my hair have to be?

It is not necessary to have your hair long; in fact, you only need ¼ of an inch at maximum.Just long enought for the hairs to be removed by tweezers without scratching the skin to get the hair. If too short it is recommended to wait a few more days.


Does it hurt ?

You feel a slight burning sensation which depending on the area will determine how sensitive an area will be. The upper lip is more sensitive then the chin, the center of any area is more sensitive then the outside of the area. Such as the outter area of the lip is less sensitive then the center lip. In these more sensitive areas it is recommended to use freezing, so the current can be turned up the setting it needs to be for the hair to slide out. If it is being plucked out it is no different then the client plucking the hairs, which will stimulate hair growth.


Where can freezing be purchased ,what kind and how much does it usually go for ?

Freezing is found at all Pharmacies behind the counter, the usual make is called "EMLA", which the best sz to purchase is 30 ml. It can cost up to $63.00. It can be found at Costco for $ 53.00+. Namaste has found a better freezing called "DR NUMB" and we have brought it in for our clients at a convenience to them at the cost of $45.00 plus tx for a 30ml tube.


Can I go swimming ?

There is no problem with swimming but any HEAT treatment is recommended to stay away from , such as HOT TUBS, the SUN , Tanning beds .


What happens when I go into a heat treatment ?

It can cause the area to be quite red or even to rash.


When can I apply makeup ?

A 3-4 hour wait is needed before applying makeup or the product application may cause inflamation and breakout.


A minimum electrolysis time is a 20 minute , which includes electrolysis and any treatment(s) done to reduce redness . The min schedule appointment time is 30mnutes which accounts for time to get on and off the bed.


30 Minutes $ 30.00 

35 Minutes  $37.00

40 Minutes  $42.00

45 Minutes  $47.00

50 Minutes  $52.00

55 Minutes  $57.00

60 Minutes  $62.00

65 Minutes  $67.00

70 Minutes  $72.00

75 Minutes  $77.00

80 Minutes  $82.00


Seniors Discount applies to persons over 60 : Receive 15 % off 

* all prices need GST to be added.




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