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Broken Capillaries (Telangiectasia)

Broken capillaries are tiny dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin.
Most common one the face and chest

Ruby points
Rudy points are bright red vascular blemishes, which lie under the surface of the skin. They are dome shaped or slightly raised. Most common on the body

Spider Angioma
Spider Angioma is a combination of a ruby point and a single dilated capillary.

Milia-White Pimples 

We simply apply a probe close to the milia and the heat liquifies the pimple so it comes out as clients clean their skin daily , eventually leaving the skin area clean and clear. 





BEFORE APPOINTMENT : It is recommended to ask your tech if you can purchase a rube of Freezing so that you can apply 45 minutes to 60 minutes prior to your appointment. The tech will also top up your freezing so that you will be very comfortable during your treatment. 




• Gently clean the treated area with skin cleanser. (Avoid exfoliating treated area or using a face cloth and facial/ body scrub)
• Within 24 hours following treatment cold compresses may be used (Do not apply ice directly onto the skin)
• Apply oil free moisturizing cream until complete healing is achieved. (polysporin cream is recommended)
• For outdoor activities, depending on treated area, apply oil free sunscreen and wear a rimmed hat until the healing process is complete.
• With clean fingers you may gently apply uncontaminated oil free make-up avoiding sponges and brushes for they often carry bacteria. (Wearing make-up is not recommended)
• Within 3 to 21 days after treatment scabs will fall off.


• Do not rub or scratch treated area; coagulated blood vessel segments may open and cause capillary bleeding if skin is scratched or rubbed.
• Refrain from strenuous physical activity and exercise for 48 hours following treatment. (An increase in blood flow may rupture the coagulation of capillary and cause treatment failure)
• Avoid the use of sauna, hot tub, whirlpool or swimming pools for 48 hours after treatment.
• Avoid tanning salons until healing is complete.
• Avoid taking aspirin 48 hours after treatment





Heredity: Congenital weakness of the blood vessel walls. Affects mostly fair skinned individuals. Affects 15% of the population.

External Skin Aggression: Sun exposure, Excessive heat-Saunas, Chemical peels (heat induced treatments), Injuries- where the subsurface tissues are injured but the skin is not broken; bruises, aggressive pinching, ect., Surgery-Telangiectasia in scar tissue, Retinol- Over use of vitamin A.

Hormonal Causes: Women are more prone to developing telangiectasia. (Due to oestrogen) Menopause and Pregnancy- Increased blood volume, problem may disappear after birth.

Health Problems: High blood pressure, Scleroderma- a disease in which connective tissue anywhere in the body becomes hardened and rigid, Reynaud’s syndrome- poor circulation, Lupus- “butterfly rash”- A chronic skin disorder of unknown cause, Rosacea- a chronic form of acne affecting the nose, forehead and cheeks by red pustular lesions, Alcoholism- alcohol dilates blood vessels and causes premature aging and loss of elasticity of the skin.

Medications: Vasodilator- usually prescribed for coronary health problems,Oral contraceptives- hormonal influence/ estrogen

Climate: Dramatic / rapid changes in temperature (extreme hot to extreme cold)

Other: Hot and spicy foods and Strenuous exercise

• The non-invasive procedure is virtually painless. Some patients may feel a slight pricking sensation. And freezing is available for purchase at Namastes. 

• Sessions are between 30 minutes treatment booking slot to 60 minutes . Most conditions are effectively treated in between one to three sessions. The results are truly amazing.

• YES! The treatment is performed by a certified technician; a disposable and sterile filament is used. Skin reaction after the treatment is minimal and will disappear within a few days.


MIN booking time slot is 30 minutes, which includes client getting prepped to leaving the treatment room.

When booking tx time , look at the amount of skin issues, 


30 Minutes  $ 100.00    ( 1- 10issues)

45 Minutes  $ 150.00.   ( 10-20 Issues)

60 Minutes  $ 200.00.   (20-30 issues )

75 Minutes  $ 250.00.   (31-40 issues)

90 Minutes  $ 300.00.   (41-50 issues)


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