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G.M. Collin is dedicated to offering women and men of all ages an exclusive range of products, from superior performance clinical treatments to the highest quality dermo-corrective home care. The goal, no matter what the product, is a more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.



Vi Vier Skin is quite simply the World's #1 Vitamin C line. Vi Vier is the only skin care brand that combines the powerful benefits of the world's #1 patented Vitamin CSerums ( L-Ascorbic Acid USP) with pharmaceutical grade cleaners,toners,eye therapy products, moisturizers,advanced sunprotection products and complete skin care systems.In additional to their Vitamin C line they also have an acne line, that comes with pharmaceutical grade retinols and anti-aging pharmaceutical grade retinols. Leading in the aging and cancer fighting is : Vitamin C products and targeting aging and acne is the use of pharmaceutical Retinols.


When shopping for Vitamin C and Retinol products one has to be careful to watch :

How the product is packaged, Vitamin C need to be in dropper form jars so the air is not able to get the product and weaken its strength. Also you want your Vitamin C to be in a dark jar so the light does not weaken it also.

Vitamin C that can be used in the body is L-Ascorbic Acid,other forms of Vit C,such as magnesium ascorbyl Phosphate,are not recognised by the body and must be converted to L-Ascorbic Acid by the body in order for it to be benefical. When the body has to convert a large strength of the acid is used up doing the converting , so you end up with a lesser amount of Vit C to benefit your skin then you thought you purchased. The highest form of Vit C is called USP. When this is on the bottle you are getting the highest pharmaceutical standard recongnised for quality,purity,strength and consistency. Vi VierSkin is patented Vitamin C serums are formulated using only L-Ascorbic Acid USP. So you can be assured when purchasing any of the Vit C serums of Vi Vier skin care, you are purchasing product of containing the highest standard of Vit C .Each of their Vit C serums are for different skin types and they also have an Vit C serum for eyes.

As well as they have a full line for moisturizers for all skin conditions.



All products used by the Hydra-Facial treatment are available in a retail line. Their line is know for containing high quanities of Hylauronic Acid. They have cleansers,lotions,serums for different issues, and moisturizers.

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