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Men want to look good too, and at Namaste, we know it! 

More and more men these days are turning to medical esthetics to help them look younger and to feel more attractive. Like their female counterparts, they have discovered that the benefits of cosmetic treatments are not only personally beneficial, but also professionally rewarding. 

Men are recognizing that sun damage, discolouration, wrinkles, frown lines and crow's feet can make them look tired and older than their years. Worry lines brought on by years of sun exposure, long work hours and stress can now be reversed for a more relaxed, confident, and youthful appearance. Men are embracing the lastest technology in order to turn back time and become more confident in their appearance as well as more competitive in the workplace. 

Like women, men want clear skin and fewer wrinkles and less body hair.  Men are rejuvenating their faces with skin tightening, photorejuvenation and skin peels- attacking those age spots, wrinkles and problem skin areas. That's right ladies, spa treatments are not just for you anymore, it's an equal opportunity world!

At Namaste our treatments are private, confidential, and personalized to meet the individualized needs of our clients.  

Men! Take Charge of Your Skin Before It Takes Charge Of You! 

Great Skin is Manly Skin - Simple Tips For Guys:


 If your skin is becoming a reddish colour, it is most likely because you are developing some broken blood vessels. The good news is, you don't have to walk around with an increasingly red face, as having one of several photorejuvenation treatments will diminish the red or brown spots that may be starting to show. These can be removed with no pain and no downtime. Consult your esthetician on what treatment would work best for your skin type, and renew your skin so that Rudolph is the only one with the red nose!

 Use moisturizer! And not just on your face either, your whole body needs to be hydrated - legs, arms, hands and face. There are many products in stores these days that cater specifically to men; you don't need to leave the bathroom smelling like your grandmother anymore - moisturizing can be your own little secret if you're bashful about maintaining healthy, glowing, hydrated skin. 

 There's no longer an excuse for your feet to look like they've been attacked by a machete or shot at close range. Get your feet fixed and pampered at least twice a year. If the idea of heading to the spa for a great foot massage and decent foot skin care threatens your masculinity, then at least try these 5 Foot Must-Do's:

1. Clip your nails after a shower. Cut as straight across as possible, leaving NO LESS than 1/8 of an inch of white

2. Use a medium grit nail file to round corners and smooth any jagged parts. This prevents your nails from shredding your socks, (and your sweetheart!)

3. Use a cuticle stick to gently clean under the nail. There is nothing sexier than a man with clean nails

4. Use a foot paddle in the shower on your heels and balls of your feet. GO EASY, as you are not sanding wood, it's your feet! The paddle looks like a small paddle, with sandpaper on both sides. They are inexpensive and can be found at any drugstore amongst the nail care section. 

5. Moisturize! Keeping your feet hydrated not only keeps them feeling nice, but also keeps the skin healthy. Have happy feet, feed them well with a good moisturizing cream. 


 We are no longer doing Mens Back Waxing , sorry for the inconvenience 

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