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 We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we are closed until

next September , 2020 for medical reasons , however we will still be available for Products and you can purchasing , after January 15 , 2020 . 


You will i’ll be able to leave a message at 604/567-8004 or cell # 604-815-9391 for ordering/purchasing products 


OUR "Online Booking" is shut down until August 2020 when you will be able to book back on for September 2020.

Click Here to access our online booking or click on graphic below:

Namaste Laser and Esthetics Day Spa

Booking online saves time and gets you in for services more quickly. We have a reward system that gives you points for using the "On Line" booking system.

However if you are having issues getting certain times or days you are looking for you may try texting me and giving me you available days and times.






Your appointments are very important to all members of our team at Namaste. Time is alloted for an appointment that is reserved specially for you. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are neccessary; therefore we respectfully request at least a min. of 24 hours notice before your treatment TIME, to make neccessary changes or to cancel to your appointment.

All our policies are designed to benefit all of our guests in the best quality and tradition of excellent service for our establishment and past and future guests. When seeing treatment times the treatment time is listed on the booking site but when it is booked it includes the time to prepping the room, before and after clients and and seeing the client out.


NEW CLIENTS BOOKING ON LINE for a Facial or Laser :

If you have never been to us before and want a facial treatment preformed , it might be helpful to the esthetician working with you, that you also book a free skin consultation at the same time, that way she will have the time alloted to service you properly.



Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice (24 hours before your treatment time), we miss the opportunity to give our guests on our waiting lists enough notice to fill your spot, thus leaving our staff to not be providing a treatment to another guest. To have an opening without a possiblity to bring income to the spa, can leave the spa in a losing postion over time.

This will come at a huge expense to the Spa, over the years ,although there is no income coming in for that appointment spot, we still have to overhead to pay and to pay our staff who are hired to service the front and hired to provide the treatments to our guests.

For this reason , we have had to implement NEW CANCELLATION POLICIES :

Clients Series appointments :

Clients who purchased a series of appointments and where given a discount for prepaying for these services, if a treatment is missed with no notice or short notice of less then 24 hours before the treatment time, the series appointment will be put through as used at 30% of cost of the single series appointment.


Missed or No Show of Regular Appointments :

We will have to charge a min $ 30.00 to $50.00 depending on the treatment missed . 



We do confirming by email ,two working days before your scheduled appointments (48 hours), as a courtsey service to you,our guests as well we will call you if you have not pushed your confirm button on your confirmation. Pls push your confirmation button so we know you know of your appointment.

We do understand how sometimes one may forget an appointment, it still remains your responsiblity to notify us of any changes that are needed to your appointment, to avoid any additional charges to your account or future services.This is a way we can better service all of our guests that want to schedule appointments at Namaste.



If you have a cold or feel a flu coming on, pls refrain from coming to your appointment , we work in very closed tight rooms and the chance of spreading illness is very easy. So pls call and cancel your appointment and reschedule for a later date . Pls do so even if on same day of appointment, we would rather the treatment time remain open ,then chance of getting sick or transferring onto other clients. If this is a first time cancellation, you will not be charged for sick cancellations or for staying with sick children.If we notice this is a constance occurance, we will have to follow our regular cancellation policy.



CELL PHONES: Pls turn all cell phone to mute or off while at Namastes ,it is very disturbing to the client in another room and can run the staff late waiting for you to end your call or to be interupted constantly throughout a treatment. p

SMALL CHILDREN:    There is a time and place for children, at Namaste ,although we love children if you are required to bring them along, pls phone to make sure this is ok for the treatment that you are coming for. Some treatments can not have children in the room during the service, such as a laser treatments or electroylsis ,both these treatments are dangerous to preform with children in the room.    

If you are coming for a pedicure or facial or massage, and plan on bringing a child , it could be disruptive to another guest who is here to get a relaxing treatment done or may also be here to get a small break from their household. 

ARRIVING LATE FOR A TREATMENT : There is an alloted time scheduled for each treatment and there is certain amount of time scheduled for each treatment, if you are late for your scheduled treatment your treatment will still need to end at the same time as originally booked, we can not risk to run late for the following clientHowever you will be still required to still pay for full service you had scheduled for.

If you do not schedule all the treatments you need (such as extra extractions or longer Electrolysis appointment ), this will not be able to be simply added on at treatment time .There still needs to be the clean up & set up time for the following client , we can not use that time. However if there is an opening below the esthetician can see if there is time available and offer the extras if there is the time there.T


 Full treatment performed must be paid in full at end of each visit , we do not carry credit accounts for clients. Unless it is pre auth with a charge card .

We carry VISA, MASTERCARD,AMEX AND INTERACT ,E TRANSFER AND TAKE CASH (no checks), and we do offer paying ahead by Paypal .


OUR "Online Booking" site is a Secured, encryted site.

Click Here to access our online booking or click on graphic below:

Namaste Laser and Esthetics Day Spa

Booking online saves time and gets you in for services more quickly. We have a reward system that you gives you points for On Line booking for your treatments.

However if you are having issues getting certain times, they may be booked or not an opened time.

If that is the case you may need to phone in to see if someone will add time on or open a day for your convenience. 



PRICING : To see any pricing you must register with us ,our pricing for services are not listed on our website , however the costs of treatments are available in the "On Line Booking Section" along with a description of that service. . And for Laser Hair Removal we can not give pricing in the "On Line" booking section because without seeing the person and the area for treatment it is impossible to give an accurate cost. As well as we can not give out quotes over the phone ,this reason we offer a FREE consult appointment.


Namaste Laser & Esthetics Day Spa


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