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 Client Testimonials: 


~ I've been having LED RED LIGHT for 6months on a monthly basis, my skin looks clear and all the redness has gone out of it and my pores have shrunk. People always compliment me on how good my skin looks and how I have no lines which have also vanished considerably. Thank you for recommending this to me.



~ I am retired, 63 year old X-ray technologist who has had electrolysis since I was sixteen. Back in those days the electrolysis was very painful and a tedious process. I have had this procedure done for many, many years and the process is still long and most times painful, not to mention expensive. When I’d realized I needed to go back and have some more electrolysis work done, as I wanted all the hairs gone even the light hairs. I’ve had heard about Laser treatment but it was not until I spoke with Jeanne, The laser technologist that I thought I would be a good candidate for this procedure. Jeanne is Professional, caring and I felt and expert in the field of laser. I have had four treatments and with so far good face is very smooth looking and no fine hairs or unsightly black hairs..., which I usually plucked. The clinic is clean, warm and very professional looking...the staff is friendly, and very accommodating. I highly recommend NAMASTE LASER and FACIAL CARE CENTER.




~ Namaste is great.  I originally met Jeannie at Evea years ago and in my opinion, she is one of the best. Therefore, when I heard that she was back and had a new business I made my appointment.  Jeannie and Amanda are wonderful and have gone above and beyond for me as a client. I am very pleased with what Jeannie has done for me and look forward to future treatments. 


~ I have had a laser treatment before at another clinic. It went so fast, was so impersonal and was more concerned with quick turnover than good customer results. I am so happy with the care and results I've experienced at Namaste. With my laser hair treatments, they have really helped my self-confidence. Thank you Thank you!



~ The treatments of HydraFacial (microdermabrasion) have been life changing for me! Suffering from acne for so long, I was left with lots of scars and I hate to say, low self-esteem. I’ve been using OBAGI products to treat my acne in combination with the HydraFacial (microdermabrasion) to help the scarring and it did magic for me! There is now this confidence in me, that wasn't there before, when I look at my skin in the mirror and that is priceless to me seeing those scars disappearing. I feel that I have found the formula to control my acne and that i have been searching for a long time! Thanks Jeanne!



I have been to Jeanne lately for Hydra-facial treatments, I am a young man age 20 suffering from acne.This has been an issue for me for a couple years now ,where the doctor recommended Accuntane which is a very strong acne medicine with many dangerous side effects. I started by Jeanne doing the hydra facial with 30 min manual extractions, she did her best to tap a small opening into my pore and slowly taking sometimes 3 treatments to get the pore completely cleared, I was able to get all the pored clean and the acne cleared up. Along with the treatments, she had me on her pharmaceutical line which helped between appointments to keep me clearing and after finishing it keeps me clear. Jeanne maintains my skin by changing up and feeding my skin different products whenever I ran out of things because my skin is always changing. I recommend Jeanne highly for her dedication to help me get and keep my skin clear. She really cares. M.M 2016  





Jeanne Luca is magic with skin. I've been a client of Jeannes's for 8 years. She has medical grade equipment and top skin care lines. I suffered from rosacea for years before seeing Jeanne. I now have calm,silky soft skin. 

Jeanne is Kind,professional and so much fun to spend an hour with !

I owe my youthful glow to Jeanne.

Client forever, K (from Squamish)


Wow , you want someone who really cares, that would be Jeanne. She gives her all to her clients, she goes above and beyond to give quality thorough workmanship . She cares more about the outcome of her treatments then her clients. Jeanne will not risk your skin to try a higher setting for a laser treatment, her first concern is your skin. I am so happy with my laser Hair removal treatments and her costs are more then fair. And she uses a medical grade Laser Machine.  T.K. ( from Squamish)


BEST LASER HAIR REMOVAL I HAVE EVER HAD, & I HAD 11 PREVIOUS TREATMENTS IN THE CITY BEFORE SEEING JEANNE ! On the consult she suggested her freezing where I was going in the city, they sugggested nothing to help for the discomfort, and I am a young man,at the age of 24. I had 11 tx in the city , where I live and after one treatment with Jeanne, I saw more loss in one of her treatments then I did with 11 of theirs. I was having my full back and full chest done. I highly recommend Jeanne and her laser machine to do full backs and full chests and she is worth every penny. C.C. ( BBY)






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